Something to Think About

Are you a reader?  Do you rush out to the store to buy the latest release from your favorite authors?  When was the last time you visited your local library?  Did your parents take you to the library when you were a child?  or Did you find a way to get there on your own?  Who were your greatest influences growing up?  Did you read about them in a book or did you meet them face to face?

I remember going to the library a lot as a child, both the public library and also the school libraries.  I didn’t just read the book I came across, I inhaled them. I devoured them with a thirst for knowledge, or a way to escape.  They were my friends on those dark nights when there was no one to turn too.  They were the places I would go when I wanted to explore a new place, a different time, a far off galaxy.  I wasn’t picky about what I read, westerns, romance, sci-fi, mysteries, or more.  As long as there was a cover and pages that I could turn with the flick of a finger I was happy.

As I got older, in my early adult years, I don’t remember visiting libraries all that much until several after my sons were born.  I would take them down to our local library in the town I now live in on a regular basis.  The most fun they had was being able to use their own library card to check out their books of choice. But even those visit eventually came to an end.  But our love of books continued to grow.  I would take them to our local book store every week and if they had been good in school that week, completed all their homework, and behaved at home they would get to pick out any two books they wanted for that week.  When I started working in a library those trips also came to an end.  The boys were growing up, becoming teenagers, finding their own way in life as they became young adults themselves.

During their teenage years, we wanted to keep them busy so that they would not be distracted by the party and drug scene at school.  My husband created a praise and worship team with the youth of our church and this keep my boys busy from the time my oldest was in 8th grade and the youngest in 6th until the youngest graduated high school.  This musical group took up a lot of time and I found that our visits to the store dwindled from every weekend to twice a month, then once a month, and before I knew it, it dwindled to nothing.  I love that they had that outlet, but looking back I wish that there was a way that I could have continued on in some way the outings that we had.  Are you wishing you had that with your teen or younger child?

Here is something to think about: just about every public library has programs for people from the age of newborn all the way up to senior citizen.  The programs offered differ from library to library. Some offer more children’s programs while others have fantastic adult programs. If you were to go to the library right now, what might you expect to find when you walked through the front doors?

Did you know that there are public computers in most libraries where you can go to check email, apply for a job, take online classes, play internet games, listen to music, and much more?  Did you know that with the simple acquisition of a library card you could use them for free? Did you know that in most libraries you will find study rooms where you can go when you need a quiet place to work? Did you know they have a meeting room that you can reserve for meetings? Did you know that in most libraries you will find a collection of DVD/Blu-Ray movies from the latest releases to some oldie but goodies?  Did you know that some libraries maintain a collection of music CDs that you can checkout?  Did you know that the library has every type of book you can think of available – hardback, paperback, eBooks, audio-books, large print, and regular print.  They have Young Adult, regular Adult, Juvenile, Easy/Early literacy, board books, reference, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, magazines and newspapers.  Did you know you have the world at your finger tips when you walked through the doors of your library?

Do you know what the best kept secret of the library is?  I will let you in on that secret – it is the men and women that work in the library.  These people have to know where everything is in the library.  They have to know how to use a computer and all the programs on it to be able to assist with all the questions that come through the doors.  They have to know how to operate copiers, and fax machines, and printers, and they have to know how to fix them when there is a jam or assist patrons when they have never used one of these mysterious machines. They have to know how to use digital cameras, iPhones, iPads, tablets, smart pads, nooks, and kindles.  They have to know how to use gadgets of every shape and size and not be afraid to explore them to figure out what makes these gadgets tick. The best kept secret is that these people, while they tend to be quiet and try to stay in the background so your visit to the library is a pleasant experience, these people are brilliant.

So if you visit your local library or have friends that work there, send them a thank you card or letter of appreciation.  Find out what you can do to volunteer with them.  Join their Friends of the Library group.  Become involved, find out what events are planned, bring your kids, bring your parents, bring yourself to your local library and find something new to do with your time to create some wonderful memories for yourself and others.

Just something to think about…


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  1. Gladys Louise Remaley Premo
    Dec 14, 2015 @ 12:04:34

    Dear Charlene, As you know, I would be at a great loss, as would my husband, if there were no such place as the library. We are grateful there are those whose lives revolve around that wonderful place where one’s soul can reach out and be carried to numerous spheres of knowledge, wit and adventure. Besides being among the most interesting places on the planet, it serves as an inner sanctum for us who seek armchair pursuits. The Library Lady was mobile where I went to grammar school. She brought her rolling book cart once a week to Bowman School. How my friends and I looked forward to that time–and to top it off, she would end the session with auto harp music and singing. I often daydreamed that I, too, would do this same thing. Can’t you imagine my doing that, Charlene? My first book report was on the life of an opera singer who wooed her audiences with her beautiful voice. The masses turned out every time to hear her sing. There was something missing, however. Her manager said she was not singing with a broken heart. This transformed her career, and the people became even more endeared to her, as they sat with great emotion with rapt attention. These days, in our home, I manage my library with peace and contentment, knowing that when my books shout…or whisper, I will take off with sweet and fervent abandon, to answer their call. Gladys Premo

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  2. marlettawerner
    Dec 12, 2015 @ 14:00:00

    I used to stop by library for a client and the library had puzzles started for patrons to work on. I love sitting there doing puzzles its very calming for me. But I’m good at them. I know some people get frustrated cuz they can’t find places but I have a lot of patient’s and can sit for hours working on a puzzle.

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  3. tric
    Dec 09, 2015 @ 17:42:55

    My husband always took my gang to the library every fortnight. When they were young it was a really big occasion. Sadly not one of the four of them now read. I don’t know what genes they have but they certainly have little of mine in that respect.
    You are right there is so much in the library and I certainly don’t appreciate it enough.

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    • CharleneMcD
      Dec 09, 2015 @ 18:11:23

      When my husband and I first got together he read a lot. He gave that up for years and year. He has recently started reading for pleasure again, his loves to read nonfiction, that confuses my imagination filled brain, but, he’s reading again so that’s all that really matters. Your gang may surprise you in a few years. You never know.



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