New Goals

Every year about this time those New Year’s Resolutions that were made with good intentions on New Years day have been forgotten or discarded for a variety of reasons.  That is why this year I didn’t make any resolutions.  I made goals.  I am going to do my best this year to meet a variety of goals in many different areas of my life.  I am going to use the 5 levels of life mentioned in a previous post to address these goals.

My Spirit Life – I discovered  (or maybe “realized” is a better word) when I was writing that previous post that I have really been neglecting my spirit life.  So one of my goals is to read the entire bible this year.  To aid me in that goal I have joined a group of ladies on line who all have that same goal in mind.  Now when I say group, I don’t mean just three or four or even ten.  I am in the wonderful company of 239 ladies throughout the world that have all committed to reading the bible this year.  Thanks to author Tricia Goyer for creating this group on Facebook, “Read Through the Bible w/Tricia Goyer” not only am I going to be reading the bible, I am going to be making a lot of new friends.  My spirit life is going to be so enriched this year.

My Thought Life – I have to think about that…no really I do.  I have to start thinking more positive thoughts.  I have to start thinking  of others more.  I have to start thinking about my marriage more.  Another new thing this year is I chose a word that I want to focus on.  The word I chose was “Release”.  I need to release my angry thoughts, I need to release my old memories that are weighing me down.  I need to release a lot of new frustrations and hurt feelings and just plain stubbornness that is not doing me any good.   The more I release, the more my thought life develops into something that represents the person that God intended me to be.

My Emotional Life – last year was a year filled with some great emotional heights and some really low lows.  I celebrated 26 years with a wonderful man that I have called hubby since I was 20.  We have had ups and downs through the years but we have been committed to making our marriage work.  I also had  some really low days last year.  I said goodbye to two family members when they passed away.   Both of their passing’s was devastating for much different reasons.  I am going to be praying this year that if something like this happens I will be able to keep a healthy emotional outlook.  I will be praying that when those bad things (that I never want to happen) happen this year that I don’t lash out emotionally and I stop and think before responding.

My Physical Life – during the past year my lower back started hurting more and more.   When my legs and back started tingling during various times of the day, whether sitting, standing or sleeping I gave in and finally told my doctor about it.  After x-rays and an MRI I was told I had both arthritis and disk degenerative disease in my lower back.  So this year my goal is to treat my body better.  I am not going to set any unrealistic drastic weight loss goals.  I am going to focus more on being healthier.  If the weight comes off, than that is all the better, but I am going to stop beating myself up with negative thoughts.   I also want to say I am going to stop making excuses, for why this or why that, but I know me, I have been in this body for a long time and that may not happen.  But again my goal in my physical life is just to live healthier and take care of my body better.  I am so looking forward to my everlasting body the one that is promised to me in 2 Corinthians 5 what a joy filled day that will be when I can leave this painful body behind forever.

My Choice Life – I wish that life was easy and I was perfect, then I would not make any mistakes.  I wish that all the choices I will make in the next year were the right choices.  But I also know how life works.  The choice that is made in that moment  or split second might be the right choice or the wrong choice.  My prayer for this year is that no matter what the choice is that I make in any given situation, that I grow and learn from all of them.   May I use the bad choices to help me grow into a better person.  May I make more good choices that I can fall back on in those times that I make a bad choice and be able to say to myself, this choice is not the be all and end all to everything else that I will do this year.

Not all of the goals I have set for this year fall easily into these categories in the way that I have written them.  At least not in a way that is easily explained.  I want to do more art this year.  I want to take a couple art classes.  I want to post regularly on my blog, or at least more regularly then I did last year.  I want to spend more quality time with my husband and sons this year.  There is a lot of I want in this paragraph.  Some of them should be changed to I need and I will.  I pray a lot but I want to, need to, and will pray more this year, after all I now have 239 more friends that all need prayers for a variety of reasons and life events.

I am have the most difficult time ending this blog.  I have erased the same sentence at least 5 times.  I guess I will end it this way:

May all the goals you set for yourself this year be ones that the outcome blesses either you or someone else in your life.


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  1. Miriam Dixon
    Jan 09, 2014 @ 11:57:22

    Dear Charlene,

    I so appreciate your expressing the goals you have made for 2014! The first goal is so inspiring, so much to the point that I will join this group along with you and many hundreds of others, to read the Bible through in one year. I guess I go to “read through the Bible with Tricia Goyer” on facebook, to join. I will do this…today! My prayer life becomes stagnant when I leave off Bible scripture that should go along with my prayers. We grow as mature believers, praying for others, as we listen to God through scripture reading, being still in the Lord, having our own “garden” prayer time with our Heavenly Father. Yes, Jesus is the prompter for compelling believers to desire spiritual growth. Our Lord and Savior is the prompter for all your Spiritual gifts, that will grow and flourish as you turn each area of your life over to Him.

    You mention your husband, your friendship and knowledge of him since age 20, and I also have a husband friend, having known Charles from age 20. I was home from Longwood College, Farmville, Va, in Jan. 1972, and Charles along with 4 other pulpit committee members, to hear a trial sermon by my father, Rev. Ira Luke Walter. That was the beginning of our friendship, which became permanent when we were married Jan. 1974, I thought, at that time, I had surrendered myself totally to the Lord, following Charles’ thoughts, his ways, his wants and his needs. We are blessed with 3 lovely daughters, and Charles must have been living his life in a righteous way, as our girls have nice families and the grandchildren are a blessing to us today.

    But, there was something lacking, I could tell. Charles was so very active in church, Chairman of Deacons, men’s Sunday School teacher, ready to be pall bearer when asked, serving in many teaching aspect which require a Godly example. Still, there was a “little bird on my shoulder” whispering: “Miriam, wake up! You are God’s child, You are to follow me, the Lord.” This haunted me, weakened my spirit, too, until finally, with humble submission, In 2000, I walked to the altar during the call, knelt down in front of the congregation, surrendering my life totally, to the Lord. This was the Lord’s prompting, not my own.

    I attended Blue Ridge Healing Arts Academy in Concord, NC and lived with my mom weekdays, as the school was 100 miles from our home. Mom’s church allowed me a room in their educational building with a key, for studying and giving church members massage sessions, both full body and chair massage. I also sang in the choir, got to meet many loving church members, and became more familiar with my mom’s friends and her surroundings.

    Since then my life has been so much more fulfilling, alas to the chagrin of my family members. Each one, my husband Charles, our 3 daughters, all thought I would stay at their “beck and call” and I would come running to each side as the need was expressed. I was becoming an enabler, and the Lord taught me that He cares for me, He desires to have an intimate relationship with me, despite the demands of married, family life.

    In December of 2011, our pastor offered a Read the Bible through in one year, book study for $10 and I bought the book immediately. Charles and I had no family prayer life (which should have made me sit up and take notice of our spiritual immaturity long ago). Charles and I began the daily inspirational readings in this book, and by March the “duty” of reading each day had fallen totally on me. I began to see, more and more, my husband’s inability to focus on the positive, his depression. I made assertive attempts that we continue to read until the year was up and we could both say that we had successfully read the Bible passages, the whole Bible, in one year! Needless to say, it must have been a real task for Charles.

    I am understanding that my Spiritual maturity depends totally on me, not on Charles. I must have time alone with God, and stop waiting for Charles to suggest that he and I read and pray together. I believe, in time, Charles may see his walk with the Lord as being more than “church” requirements, but for now I must be patient with Charles. I believe, because I am a positive believer, that one day Charles will sense the prompting of the Holy Spirit, as I have, that God is in the middle of every aspect of our lives.

    For the new year 2014, I have chosen a word to focus on: “Persevere” !
    I have asked Charles to choose his word to focus on and he chose: “Faith” !

    As we head into a brand new year, one of increased spiritual maturity, may our hearts and minds be brought together in oneness at the grace and mercies of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Thank you, Charlene, for your blog, your friendship, but most of all, for encouraging myself, as well as many others, to stay the course until completion.
    Reading the Bible through with other facebook friends will be delightful.

    …and I shall see you …

    with love and hugs,



    • CharleneMcD
      Jan 09, 2014 @ 12:10:25

      Miriam, thank you so much for sharing your faith. You are an inspiration to me as well. I truly love talking with you every chance I get and look forward to seeing you when you come into the library. When you go online just go to this link: there will be a button on the right side that says join. We have divided out into small groups to make our study more intimate, if you would like I can request that you be added to my group or you can ask to join in any other group that you would like. Just let me know what you want to do.
      Send love and hugs your way too.



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