Our Bodies and Allergies

The things we do to our bodies in the name of health.  A couple years ago I got tired of having to take allergy pills for I didn’t know what.  So I went to an allergy clinic and got tested.  I have been taking two shots one in each arm for what seems like everything, but in reality is probably very little.  When I first started I had no clue what I was being shot with, just that it was a serum specially formulated for my specific allergies.  I thought that there was some kind of antihistamine in the serum but was told that it was straight allergens.  They steadily gave me stronger and stronger doses as the months went along until I was at a dose that would have been very harmful if I had taken the level I am on now at the beginning.

I spoke with another person getting shots himself when I first started, he was getting 6 shots at one time, 3 in each arm; and that was after retesting and having some of the serum removed because he was no longer allergic to those things.  I thought to myself, thank God that is not me.

A couple months later I spoke with a lady that had been getting shots for 10 years.  She gave me the impression that she was not consistent with the shots and would skip them and not get them done on the prescribed schedule and would have to start over.  I can’t help but wonder if she had been consistent would she have been reduced or almost finished or even finished with those blasted shots?

I have been in the maintenance portion of my shots for the last year and a half, which means instead of getting shots once a week I can skip a week or two.  I am almost at the end of my third year and I get to retest in October.  I can’t wait, I want to get rid of at least one of the shots.  The good news with these shots is that I find I  can go without allergy medication for a couple days and then will have a full blown allergy attack and have to take them again for a couple days and then can go again for a day or two and not take them.  Maybe that means I am getting better…

When I had my testing done, I felt relieved and disappointed at the same time.  I found out what plants and things I was allergic too, but I also found out I was allergic to one of my favorite foods – peanuts.  Unfortunately those shots don’t cover them so there is no “cure”.  I never realized how much peanut stuff I was eating until I had to give it up.  There are peanuts in everything, and my absolute favorite candy of all time is a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  The temptation to eat one of those is very strong on some days.  But I know that if I do in a few days I will break out in a rash.  Some days, I just don’t care, I want that peanut butter and will suffer the consequences.  The problem with this is that the doctor said I would develop full blown asthma if I didn’t stop eating peanuts.

I went for my shots today.  Usually they make me grouchy and my arms hurt for a week.  For some reason today, I didn’t get grouchy, they made me hungry.  I had a bad case of the munchies.  Let me tell you it is very bad to give in to those munchies when dinner is within the hour.  Now, after dinner has been finished, I have a bad case of indigestion.  I think I am going to blame the hard boiled egg and string cheese…or maybe it was the ice cream bar and Little Debbie Fudge Brownie…or was it the fresh peach? I don’t know but after eating those along with dinner (which I could not finish) I can safely say I no longer have the munchies.  Now, I am developing the achy arms…which means my body is now fighting the serum.  I can only hope that this stage will end quickly this time around.

Just a couple more months and I will find out what has changed in the last three years.  Is what I have been doing to my body, shooting it up with allergy toxins worth it?  Have I finally developed  a resistance to some of the things I was allergic too, or have I developed others to take their place?  Oh how I wish if they did the peanut test again they turned to me and said “Great news, you’re not allergic to peanuts anymore!”


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