Chapter 8 – A Time for Secrets

Fate sure was working overtime in the lives Christy and Emily, and Brian knew that he could not take any chances that it would work against them.  When Emily had told him that she met a little girl named Christy Daniels a year earlier he knew that time was not on his side.  Brian also knew that as far as adoptions went Christy’s was as above board as they could get.  However, there was a problem; he also knew that when Emily found out that he knew all about Christy she would never forgive him.

So despite being a lawyer for almost thirteen years he made a choice to give up the profession of actively pursuing a law career and moved to Abilene.  He had been keeping in touch with Emily throughout the years since the adoption.  They had even dated on and off for a while when Emily lived in Moriarty, and he knew that the feelings he had developed so long ago would never go away.  The time to pursue them was now or never.

Once in Abilene Brian decided to answer an advertisement in the teachers wanted section of the newspaper and applied to teach undergraduate law courses at several of the local universities.  What better way was there to keep his hand in law and also help the judicial system then to help select those students that would make the best lawyers?  He had been teaching now for almost a year.  He spent every other day at a different university.  Monday and Wednesday were spent at one university, Tuesday and Thursday at another.  Then he also conducted classes on Friday and Saturday at the last university.  His schedule was hectic and while the teaching life style was different from that as a lawyer Brian also knew that his decision was one that would keep him close to Emily.  But it could also backfire on him.  He could also lose sight of why he entered into the law profession to begin with.

There were times that Brian wondered why he had waited so long to test the waters with Emily.  He was now 38 years old and had no personal life to speak of.  His business life was great.  He dated Emily exclusively and they went out several times a month.  He just knew that there could be something more.  He had buried his feelings for Emily for so long because he knew instinctively that if he had so much as hinted at those feelings that she would have run.

Brian knew that Emily had kept in touch with him out of necessity at the beginning of their relationship.  However he was beginning to hope that she now shared some of the same feelings that he did.  He also knew that when she found out the specifics of Christy’s life he wanted to be there.  Brian knew that he could help to provide a buffer between Emily and Christy during that time if it was necessary.  In fact he found it exciting that mother and daughter through a twist of fate found each other even if they did not realize it yet.

The only problem Brian had with this whole thing was something called “attorney-client privilege” he had the privilege of knowing everything about both Christy and Emily but he did not have the privilege to share that information.  Because he had been Megan and Michael Daniels lawyer he still had to keep the client privilege intact.  While the party was no longer available, the contract was still in effect until Christy turned 21.  He could only hop that Emily would understand that legality when the time came to disclose the secrets that he knew.

There was one other issue that he had to deal with as well.  Jeremy, Emily’s brother, had contacted him about four months before.  He knew that Brian had been dating Emily and he had asked him to fly to Washington D.C. to meet with him and discuss a very important issue concerning Emily.  Brian being the curious person he was made arrangements to attend that meeting.  When he left he did not tell Emily whom that meeting was with just that he had to go.

“Emily, I have to go to Washington for a couple days for a meeting, something to do with business.”

“You do?  Well, why don’t I give you my brother’s address and phone?  You can contact him while you are there.  Maybe you can meet his wife and their new baby; they have two kids now you know.”

“That would be nice.  If I have a chance to meet with him should I tell him you said hi?”

“Yes, remind him that we still need to finish our discussion about Jack.  He started to tell me something last year and then realized that his departure time was close.  So we never finished that discussion.”

“I’ll be sure to do that.”

“Great, Brian, if you can will you find out for me how my parents are doing?  It has been such a long time since I talked with them, sometimes I get a little homesick and just want to be in the same room as my mother and smell her perfume.”

“You know you can contact them.  You could send them more than just a post card every now and then.”

“I suppose I could.  But you did not hear them the last time we talked.  Right now, I don’t think that I want to remember those conversations.  Maybe I can tell you some other time about that fight.  Just ask Jeremy how they are doing, okay?”

“Emily, you know that I would do anything for you.  Now could you do something for me?”

“Ya, sure.”

“Could you give me a lift to the airport?  That way I can leave my car here and not have to worry about it.  My plane leaves in two hours.  Do you think we could go now?”

When Brian arrived in Washington, he took a day to do most of the usual tourist stuff.  He toured all the monuments and took in Arlington Cemetery.  Then he went to the meeting with Jeremy at a prearranged location.  When he walked away from that meeting he felt disgusted and very angry.  Jeremy had told him about some of the things that had gone on when Emily had been in New York.  Brian now knew that some of Emily’s beliefs about her family and Jack were going to be shattered if she ever learned out about the things Jeremy had told him.

For one thing Emily’s parents had known all about Jack.  Her mother had been of the mindset that if they let things run their course then Emily would wise up and come back home.  Her father on the other hand had done some pretty sneaky stuff.  He had contacted Jack secretly about two months before the accident and paid him handsomely to leave Emily.  He had not counted on his plan backfiring.  Instead of Jack leaving Emily as they had discussed Jack had argued with her and they had been in that terrible accident.

So while Emily had been lying in the hospital in a comma close to death, Jack had taken advantage of that and disappeared.  The only person who had perished that night was the other driver.  Jack had somehow survived the accident and after arriving at the hospital he had talked some of Emily’s friends into telling her that he had not survived.  They had agreed to do it and had even put a fake obituary in the paper because they figured if he was willing to desert her while she was lying unconscious in the hospital, then there would be no stopping him from deserting her in the future.  Jack had then hopped on a plane and flew to Europe where he had been living ever since in Rome, Italy.

The only reason that Jeremy knew this was because someone had mailed him some of his father’s files anonymously.  From the postmark Jeremy suspected that the person who had sent the file had to be someone close to his father, either his father’s secretary or maybe his mother.  Jeremy had almost told Emily last year when he saw her but he knew just by talking to her that she would not be able to handle that information.  So because he had to fly back to Washington that day, he made an excuse that he had to catch a plane and left early.  He had sat in the airport waiting room for four hours before his flight actually left.  So ever since that meeting every time Jack’s name came up when he was talking to Emily Jeremy would use it to switch to a different conversation.  Brian was beginning to feel that maybe Emily had the right idea.  Keeping silent and not knowing all these secrets just might be the best way to go.

Just knowing those secrets however was taking a toll on Brian.  He desperately wanted to tell Emily everything but he knew that if he did he might risk losing his relationship with her.  Brian felt that he was beginning to see the daylight with Emily.  She was finally beginning to loosen up.  Her feelings and emotions were becoming more and more accessible.  She didn’t close down as much now when Brian mentioned how much he was beginning to care about her.  That was a sign, Brian knew, that she was slowly beginning to trust and accept him in her life.  He did not want to mess that up.  “Decisions, decisions you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.” That age-old saying was really beginning to mean something in Brian’s life.


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