Chapter 7 – Moving On

Emily stayed in Moriarty another four years before she finally accepted an offer to teach in Abilene.  She had been there for about six months when the City Council approached her and asked if she would reopen the Little Theater.  They would provide all the financing and everything she would need, all she would have to do was manage the theater and provide them with live entertainment.

Emily jumped at the chance.  She knew that this would be the only way she would ever have a chance to act or direct anything.  After she hurt her leg in the accident, when it healed wrong, it took away any chance she would have for becoming the award winning dancing actress on Broadway that she always dreamed of being.  All of Emily’s dreams were changing now.  She had finally realized that life was something that you lived and not something to let pass you by.

The first production that Emily would be directing would be Shakespeare’s “A Mid-Summer Nights Dream.”  While there were still things that needed to be done to the building to prepare it for any type of audience, Emily decided that she would go ahead and complete the auditions and get the production underway.  The auditions would be held the next day and already people were calling to ask her if she had chosen people for this part or that one.  From these reactions, Emily was getting excited.  She hoped that some of her high school students would be there at the auditions.  There were a few of them that she would love to see acting in a real play and not just a school production.

The best thing about this play was that there would not be any little children there.  Emily still found it painful to be around children that would be Sarah’s age.  She would be nine now and while things were going great for Emily she just knew that there was something wrong with Sarah’s life.

When Sara was seven Emily had gone back to the lawyer that had taken care of her side of the adoption and asked him if there was any way that they could change the part that Emily would have nothing to do with the adoptive parents.  The lawyer had told her “no” and that the documents were binding and that she would have to wait until Sarah was 21 to try to contact her.

That seemed like such a long time to wait.  Especially when she saw the sadness and concern in the lawyers eyes that day.  Emily knew that he knew something that he was not telling her.  But that was two years ago and she had not asked any further questions of him not even when they started dating a few months later.  She did not feel that anything would come of it and she could not handle the stress she went through when she did talk to him about her baby.  Every once in a while she would pull her picture of Sarah out of its hiding place and fall asleep holding onto it.

She had even set up a memento corner in part of her hallway to always remind her about Jack and the baby and all that she had lost.  There were all kinds of pictures of Jack some were of him acting in his various part, others were of them together on opening nights, a few were of Jack and various women from the society pages.

These were pictures that she found after she remembered their last argument.  She even had the obituary section framed and put in a place of prominence.  They were all there to remind her that life could have been different.  The only thing that she did not put out for public view was her baby picture of Sarah.  That was private and very personal.  It was something that she never showed anyone not even Brian after they had started dating, it didn’t matter that he was the lawyer that had helped her.  The picture was still private.

While Emily was dwelling on the past she did not realize that someone else had come into the theater until…

“Hi, Miss Richardson, I’m here to audition for the play.” Christy breathed heavily after running through the theater until she found someone.

“I’m sorry, but the auditions aren’t until tomorrow.  There also aren’t any parts for children.”  Emily said with some trepidation.

“Oh, I know that!  That’s why I came to audition for one of the wood fairy parts,” Christy said confidently.

“Tell me, why did you come in today and not wait until regular auditions?”

“Well, Mother Thomas was going to be on this side of town for today only.  I had to talk her into bringing me.  She said there was absolutely no way she could bring me over tomorrow because it was wash day.”

“I see.”  Emily was puzzled by the familiarity she had with the child.  “By the way, what is your name?”

“Christy Daniels.  I live with Tina and Terry Thomas, otherwise known as Mother and Father Thomas.  I also live with whatever foster brother or sister they can manage to bring in.”

“Well, okay. Christy; since you are here, why don’t you show me what you’ve got in mind for the part of the woodland fairy?  This way you won’t miss out on the selection process from the auditions that we are holding tomorrow.”  While she watched the transformation of Christy into a woodland fairy Emily reflected on her life and the changes taking place.

Her life was still quiet.  She had not met anyone special yet.  At least no one that could make her drop her guard and try to have a relationship.  She had been on a few dates over the years but no one ever captured her imagination or made her feel she was walking in the clouds.  There was one person that did a little, but Emily never pursued that angle.  A date every once in a while with him was all she would allow herself.  It just would not seem right to have feelings for the man who helped adopt out her daughter.

So even though they had dated a few times while she lived in Moriarty, she did not think that Brian had ever felt that way about her at all.  He probably felt a great deal of pity for her.  She had kept in touch with Brian through the years.  Making sure that he would always know her address and where she could be reached.  But she had never told him about her feeling about him.  She would definitely have to call him tonight to tell him about Christy.  He would get a kick out of hearing about this determined little girl.

When Emily moved to Abilene along with the post-card she sent to Brian she also sent her parents a change of address, once again on a post-card.  She had still not seen them, and never heard from them.  She wondered if they even remembered that they had a third child.  She had finally seen her brother Jeremy in person about a year ago.  They met at a very popular restaurant/pub.  He had been calling and begging for years for her to see him.  He told her that he knew about everything she had gone through from the time she had left home for college.

Emily was distressed.  How could he have kept the knowledge to himself all these years when she could have had a shoulder to cry on?  They hadn’t spoken in-depth about Emily’s personal things during that meeting.  Jeremy was busy being excited about becoming a first time father.  He also wanted to let Emily know that their parents were still alive and well.  He also said that none of what he knew about Emily had ever reached their ears from his lips.  But he thought that they knew everything as well.  How could they not, she had provided them with addresses all these years and with their fathers ties to the law and private investigators there was nothing that their parents could not find out.

The last thing they talked about was Jack; Jeremy had said that there was something important he needed to tell Emily but after glancing at his watch he decided that the information would have to wait until their next meeting because he was late catching his plane.  And then Jeremy ran out of the restaurant and Emily had never had a chance to complete that conversation.

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