Chapter 4 – Christy’s New Life

It is summer time and I am five years old now.  Today is my birthday; I was born on June 5, 1986.  We are going to go to Grandma Daniels house in Abilene, TX for my birthday.  My name is Christy Elizabeth Daniels.  My Mommy and Daddy told me that they adopted me when I was three months old.  But that is okay with me.  I still love them.  Their names are Megan and Michael Daniels.

We lived in Tyler, Texas for a while in this great big huge house after Mommy and Daddy got me.  But then we moved to Buffalo Gap, Texas when I was four years old.  We live in another great big huge house now with lots and lots of windows.  I think that maybe Mommy and Daddy were kinda scared that my other mom would try to get me.  They don’t know I was listening to them one night when they talked about her.  So we moved.

“Christy, it’s time to go.  Grandma is waiting on us.  I think she is taking us to your favorite oriental restaurant The House of Hunan for your birthday dinner.  Come on, we can’t keep her waiting.”

“Okay Daddy, be right there.  I just gotta get Bandit so he can come with us.”

“Why don’t we leave Bandit home for tonight, Pumpkin?  We won’t be gone that long and your Mommy is a little tired today from all the overtime she is doing at work.  She doesn’t need to worry about Bandit being all alone in the car while we are eating.”

Guess what Mommy told me.  She gave me the bestest birthday present ever.  We are going to have a new baby in about four months.  She said it would be a little boy.  I get to have a baby brother; I get to have a baby brother.  Yippee!  I can’t wait!  I get to tell Grandma Daniels today.  Mommy say’s that it is going to be a big surprise for Grandma.  But she wanted to tell me on my birthday because I have been begging her for a brother for such a long time.

I am going to get a bicycle and a dollhouse for my birthday too.  I told Mommy that I wanted a pink bike with ribbons in the handles and a bell.  Now that I am going to have a brother, I want to name him too.  I hope Mommy will let me.  I better go tell Mommy that I want his name to be Jason Michael Daniels.  That way I can call him Jase.  I think that is a cool name.  That is what they call Jason at school and he is so cool.  That way my brother can be cool too.

Mommy’s calling me now, gotta hurry.

“Christy, come on pumpkin.  Grandma’s waiting and she is making your favorite ice cream “Rocky Road” for your party.”

“Mommy, I can’t find my shoe.”

“Did you look under the bed?”

“Yep, only it’s not there.  I bet Bandit took it again.  You see, he really does want to come with us.”

“Not tonight Christy.  Why don’t you go look in his doghouse while I go check your room one more time?  I will meet you in the car in five minutes.”

“Mommy, can we call him Jase?”

“What dear?”

“You know, my brother, can we call him Jase?”

“Why don’t you wait until we find your shoe and we are all in the car with Daddy?  Then we will talk about this some more.  I want to find out some more about this name you have chosen and I think Daddy needs to hear it too.  Now go on out and check Bandit’s doghouse.”

“Okay, Mommy.”

Guess what we did in March.  We went to the Rattlesnake Roundup.  They have it every year here in Sweetwater, Texas, which is only about an hour from our house.  You should see all the snakes they catch.  They have tons and tons of them.  And, and do you know what they do?  They eat them.  Well, not all of them, some of them they milk for their venom.  That’s the poison stuff that comes out of their teeth.  They have fangs like vampires.

I saw some people walking with the snakes in a great big pit.  There were some snakes that were so mad that they tried to bite the people.  But I didn’t get to see anyone get bitten.  I also got to see the Rattlesnakes Dances and they chose the new Miss Snake Charmer Queen.

After we get my new brother, I am going to give him some of those Rattlesnake tails I got at the booths with all these neat things to buy.  I want to make him a rattle with them.  I think it will be cool to have a rattler made out of rattler’s tails.

“Found it Christy, it was under your bed.  Now quickly go get in the car.  Why don’t you tell Daddy your idea for names while I help you get your shoes on?”

“Okay Mommy, well, we could call him Jase.”

“Why Jase?” asked Daddy.

“Well, Jase would be short for Jason, its cool.  Then we could call him Michael after you Daddy and Daniels because we are all Daniels.  We will be one big happy family.  See there is Megan Elizabeth Daniels that’s Mommy, Michael Joseph Daniels that’s you, Christy Elizabeth Daniels that’s me, and finally there will be Jason Michael Daniels.  We will all be named after each other.  Isn’t that neat?”

“I think that sounds like a plan to me don’t you dear?”  Mommy said with a grin.


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